We’ve compiled a list of 5 AI-based ID online passport photo editing programs that can come to your aid.

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Top 5 AI-Based Passport Photo Editing Websites 

If you’re planning to apply for official government documents such as passport, visa or driving license, you should be aware that there are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for your application form to be accepted.


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One of those critical requirements is your photograph. Due to the complexity in the nature of these documents and the unavailability of authenticated information, a lot of questions can arise in your mind: Could a photo taken at home without any professional’s guidance be accepted? What should be the prescribed height-length ratio, dimensions and image format for your photo? And most importantly, how would you edit your photo to meet those specific requirements without any formal technical knowledge in photo editing? Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of 5 AI-based ID online passport photo editing programs that can come to your aid.


1. PhotoForID.com

PhotoForID is an AI-based Web app that uses superior technology to process your photos, perform quality checks, customize them and then generate a final image.


  • You don’t need to download any app to your PC or smartphone. You can use the service straight from your web browser.
  • The best thing about PhotoForID is that it uses Artificial Intelligence and performs various checks to determine the quality of your image.
  • PhotoForID can perform automated face detection, color checks, distance checks, picture angle checks, etc.
  • As soon as PhotoForID completes the initial checks, your photo is automatically edited and processed to make it compliance-ready for passport, visa or any other supported document.
  • Guess what? You won’t be charged for customizing your photo multiple times. You will only be charged for the final-version of your photo.
  • PhotoForID supports automatically adjusting face-frame, picture-frame, space-additions, etc.
  • Everything is done automatically over-the-cloud. You don’t need to have technical knowledge about photo editing or photo enhancing.
  • High-resolution photos with no watermarks
  • Affordable pricing: Just $7.99/ per photo
  • Guarantee of acceptance or money back


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2. AI Passport Photo Maker

AI Passport Photo Maker is an Android app available for download on the Google PlayStore. It supports the following:


  • The app crops your images and makes them ready for passport, VISA applications, and driving licenses.
  • Create photo compliant for USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, France and 13 other countries official documents.
  • You can online order high-quality prints for your photos from Amazon Print, CVS, Walgreen and other third-party printing services.
  • Crops your photo to the appropriate size
  • Uses the AI to remove photo background and identify problems with your photo
  • If you don’t want to order a print, you can also email your photo to your local photo print studios and get them printed.


Visit the App Download Page


3. PhotoAid.com

PhotoAid is another Web-based service that uses artificial intelligence to crop, resize and process your photos and make them compliant.


  • PhotoAid’s artificial intelligence does the crapping part for you so that you don’t have to worry about dimensions of the head, measurements, face alienation, and other factors.
  • PhotoAid automatically resizes your photo to the correct dimension depending on the nature of your application.
  • PhotoAid’s AI takes care of removing the photo background so that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge about photography and photo editing.
  • PhotoAid automatically converts your photo background to white, off-white, gray or blue, depending on where you’re trying to submit the application.
  • PhotoAid also does the resizing part. This means that PhotoAid will automatically resize your photo into the prescribed height-length format so that you don’t have to worry about these technicalities.


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4. Passport-Photo.online

Another tool is Passport-Photo.online. It can generate compliance-guaranteed photos and help you take photos without leaving your home.


  • Provides an option to order photo prints to be delivered at your residence
  • The artificial intelligence algorithms check your photos and compare them with the prescribed requirements and adjust them accordingly
  • Automatic photo cropping taking into account legal, technical requirements based on the target country
  • Adjusts the photos into right dimensions
  • A refund is provided if your photo is rejected by authorities
  • Provides apps from Android and iPhone


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5. MakePassportPhoto.com

Looking for photos for passport, visa, e-visa, ID card, residence, work permit, DNI, certificate of return, adult proof of age card, driving license, electronic id, residence permit, etc? MakePassportPhoto.com supports a bunch of these services for compliance-ready photographs.


  • 100% guaranteed biometric photo
  • AI performs various checks to make sure face & eye positions are aligned, head heights are set appropriately, head is positioned at a specific distance from the top
  • Automatically converts image background to white2
  • Supports various paper sizes including 6x Inch 4R, 3.5*5 inch 3R/L, 7*5 inch 5R/ 2L, A5, A4, US Letter, US Legal
  • AI makes sure the maximum photo size is less than 500 KB
  • Ready-to-print photos
  • You can order professional prints at your doorstep


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