Terms & Conditions

 1. This document intends to give an overview about how to use the website you are accessing at https://photoforid.com as well as if you are accessing PhotoforID via smartphone apps. 

2. The service you are accessing i.e. using is operated by PhotoforID.

3. The "User" in respect of Terms of Use and/or given this documents is a human being (a person) i.e. anyone who has used and/or using the service via the website of photoforid.com through a web browser as well as he who is using the service through the smartphones. 

4. The purpose of the service and business of the service provider i.e. PhotoforID.com is to render, provide, and make available the services offered by the Service Provider and enable the user/customer to take the purchased services/products and download the converted/edited photos for their official document submissions. 

5. The services available to the user, rendered by the service provider through its Mobile Applications are free of charge. Moreover, the offer of services by the Service Provider may be subject to change. In addition to that, the expenses incurred by the User belong to the purchase of products. 

Terms for User

1. The use of service is restricted to persons who are above 16 years of age. Hence, it is not the policy of the service provider to process any personal data of the children i.e. people less than 16 years. 

2. User who intends to use the services and/or wants to access the service is required and agrees to verify his/her picture on the website. 

3. Users of the service are required to follow the law while using the PhotoforID Service.

4. A user can only use the service through a device that allows Internet access, moreover the program should also allow browsing the resources which accept cookies. In addition to that, a user can also access the service via Mobile Applications. The users who want to use the service through Mobile Applications need to have a mobile device with an Android 6.0+ or iOS 9+ operating system. 

§ 3. Roles of Service Provider

1. It is the responsibility of the Service Provider to render the glitch-free service to its users, and the Service should be easily usable by the users. 

2. In addition to the above, it should be known to the users that the issues from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), technical issues from telecommunication operators, telecommunication link providers, and/or electricity providers are not the responsibility of the Service Provider. Therefore, Service Providers will not be responsible for any issues as defined in the said Para. 

3. Moreover, it should be understood that the uploaded, transmitted, or stored contents of the user are not the responsibility of the Service Provider. 

§ 4. Conclusion of a service contract 

1. Providing service and using it shall be concluded with a contract ("Contract") between Service Provider and User. The contract will not be concluded if Terms and Conditions have not been accepted by the Website or the Mobile Application item. 

2. In addition to the above, it will be treated as a non-conclusion of the contract ("Contract") if there is a refusal from the user. Therefore, refusal of Terms & Conditions by the user will result in denial of service from the Service Provider.

§ 5. Product purchase 

1. Once a user has entered the Service area and verified his/her picture then he/she can buy our Product after due course of instructions therein. 

2. We have enlisted the gross prices of Products in the service area (incl. VAT). 

3. It is the sole discretion of a user to select the payment method to purchase the Product by enabling suitable options; these options can be seen on the Website. Moreover, a user will get details regarding the present methods and dates to purchase the specific Product(s). It is required to mention here that the user may experience a differential in the rate/price of a Product due to the selected payment method. 

4. Once a user has chosen a method of payment to buy the product then he/she will be redirected to an external source to process the payment. The reason is that third parties provide payment services and they have their own terms and regulations .

5. The completion of purchase will be determined when the Payment Service Provider sends information of user regarding the purchase, similarly the buying process will be concluded when a user downloads the Product to his/her device to access the Service. 

§ 6. Payment 

1. Selection of payment method by the user from Site to buy a Product from the enlisted choice, in this regard users can pay via Site (Directly) and/or through Mobile Applications. 

2. The following Payment Methods are enlisted for users who desire to pay to buy a product and want to process the payment from the Website: 

Online transfer via PayU and Braintree, Credit Card, (Credit Cards, PayPal). 

3. Following Payment Methods are available for users who desire to pay via Mobile Applications: 

Braintree (Credit Cards, PayPal). 

§ 7. Complaints 

1. Each user is entitled to initiate any complaint having any query regarding service provided to him/her under the legal cover of Terms and Conditions appended above through e-mail: support@mdaitech.com

2. The contents of any complaint from a user shall contain the order number, issues he/she is facing. 

3. The refusal and/or acceptance of the complaint will be conveyed to the user via message on the email provided by the user while loading the complaint. The complaint shall be considered justified if the Service Provider is unable to address it within the stipulated period (within 14 days). 

§ 8. Refund 

1. The policy of refund is that the refund will be given through the same method of payment the user has selected while processing his/her payment if the user has had demanded a refund of the payment he/she made to purchase the Product. The refund will be made in case of the non-acceptance of the photo in an official document. 

§ 9. Personal data 

1. The Privacy Policy document has extensively elaborated the extent of gathering, disclosing, and use of your personal info/details. The document is available at Privacy Policy. 

§ 10. Final decisions 

1. The pertinent provisions shall apply to the matters which are not regulated by this Terms and Conditions document.

2. Regulations are available from the Service. 

3. It is the sole discretion of the Service Provider to change the Terms and Conditions appended above. The enforcement of regulations is date-centric i.e. new regulations will apply to the new purchases and old purchases will be governed by the old regulations.