GDPR Compliance

Data protection is a serious concern at Mdaitech. We do not doubt the maintenance of data security and consider it our utmost duty along with the changes happening in the digital world. Therefore, we make it possible that our user data can never be compromised, and we maintain it all the time. General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR, denotes the protocols of data privacy and protection which are being imposed on the residents of the European Union (EU) and/or the European Economic Area (EEA). The regulations of GDPR has gained enormous importance in the current digital world, particularly when people are trusting cloud services for their personal information/data, there are not much evidence of data leaks and/or breach of data privacy. The set forth regulations have granted utmost command to the persons who are using digital services, and they can witness how their personal information/data is been stored. The GDPR has been adopted on 14th April 2016, enforced beginning 25th May 2018. The regulations have zero tolerance for any technical and/or any other loophole; moreover, it has ensured that organizations must employ every measure for the protection of user data. A digital business that requires user data have to employ such a mechanism that safeguard the personal information/ data of a user, and those data protection settings should be applied by default to respect the privacy of a user. However, there are some exceptions such as if a user gives unambiguous permission for his/her info/data to be accessible publicly. Personal nature data should not be carried out unless: Processing of personal data of a user must have informed/clear-cut permission from the user The permission of processing the personal data must be permitted as per other provisions contained in the law Data processing must be aimed to carry out tasks in the public interest Data processing should be performed to save someone’s life In addition to the above, a user can take out his/her permission for the process of personal info/data at any time and any point. An entity that has obtained and/or is in the process of collecting personal data must public the legality as well as motivation for doing so. In addition to that, the period of retention of personal data and/or sharing it with the third parties (inside or outside the EU/ EEA) must be in the knowledge of users. It is the legal privilege of a user to ask for a portable copy of his/her data that is required to be processed, and users can also erase/clear their data in some conditions if required. It is a legal obligation for such public sector and private entities/authorities that are in the activities of processing personal data/information no matter if it is in a regular and/or systematic manner to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO), and the officer must be equipped with the knowledge of latest regulations issued by GDPR. Moreover, the entities must make sure that it has complied with the regulations whenever users' data is processed. If any entity feels that there is a loophole in the security settings and/or if a privacy breach happens, it must be reported within 72 hours. As a responsible corporation Mdaitech believes in data protection, therefore, we have zero tolerance for loopholes in privacy protection settings, we do additional labor for data protection and adapted the best practices for personal privacy. Moreover, we have incorporated corporate ethics in the process of doing business; therefore, we can assure the transparent and ethical process of doing business together with the privacy of customer personal data in all services/solutions (Web, Software, and Apps) we provide to our customers.

Web Services

The accredited and best practices in the globe are employed in the course of doing business through our web services. The finest web-based services we provide are (Cloud Duplicate Finder) and (Cloud File Renamer) and these services are completely SSL submissive and user data security is a serious concern therein. The accredited and best practices in the globe are employed in the course of doing business through our web services. The finest web-based services we provide are (Cloud Duplicate Finder) and (Cloud File Renamer) and these services are completely SSL submissive and user data security is a serious concern therein. In addition to the above, it is evident that our business process requires very basic info/data of users for the registration of an account. Even when a user selects for a paid plan his/her Credit Card details are stored in the storehouse of 2checkout, and we have no concern with the above said details. A license key will be generated to the user which is unique for each one; this information/personal data is helpful to us for the rendering of premium services to our customers for our cloud duplicate data removal services. We again want to confirm that all this process is developed with the concern of security and privacy protection. We only ingress the user's info/data hash via official APIs of the cloud service in the course of processing a user's cloud data. We don't need to store user data on our servers at all! It is a standard protocol of the industry regarding data security.

Software Apps

The standard protocol to carry out our online software solutions sales is based on collecting the least required personal info/data of the users. That is why we have selected the most reliable and renowned 2checkout for providing the latest payment processing mechanism to our customers. In addition to the above, you can access any information you require on this link for how 2checkout complies with GDPR. When a user decides to buy our paid service online and reach the page of 2checkout (where the users are immediately redirected from our website when user choose one of the membership plans we have), at this stage they require to give some details which are solely required for our customer database. We want to clear that the Credit Card details of a client are NEVER provided to us by 2checkout under any conditions! The only purpose of information/data we obtain from a customer is to generate a unique license key. We have placed utmost security measures even in the above scenario where we need the least amount of client's personal info/data, and we retain the data with utmost sanctity at all times. The websites we have are SSL encrypted, moreover, the modern and up-to-date industry practices are employed for data we collect for Clone Files Checker, PictureEcho, Easy File Renamer, Reginout, and ST Cleaner. The data is not accessible by any unauthorized personnel.

Obtaining Consent

We feel that it is our ethical responsibility to get approval from the users such as yourself while collecting the least required info/data for communication purposes only with our company’s websites including the websites of all our products. There is no need to furnish your details to download or use the software, however, only on the occasion of buying the software apps mentioned above. We do not need to collect or store your data. Nevertheless, your interaction with our software apps’ sites is evaluated by us using the tools and 3rd party services like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook. You need to provide your name and email address in the event of using our web services as appended above. We assure you that we are not going to share your personal info/data with 3rd parties; you will have control over your data i.e. you can terminate our account, clear browser cookies, and email us at to completely clear your information.

Opt-Out Details

As per the above assurance and explanation, again we want to convey to you that you can interact with us about privacy-related apprehension. You can get in touch with us through the following links:

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