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How Does PhotoforID Work?


Face Picture Quality Check

The PhotoforID system is empowered with avanced technologies. Once a photo is uploaded, the system will pass it through quality checks before taking further action on it. These checks include the Color, Distance, Picture Angle, and Multiple Faces detection. If the picture passes the preliminary inspection, the web service will edit and convert the image for your identity document.


Automatic Picture Cropping

Not all pictures meet the requirements of the ID applications. There has to be picture-cropping and adjusting aspects such as picture-frame, face-frame, and space-additions. The PhotoforID does all these things and makes your job of getting the compliance-ready photo easier and less costly.


Background Removal

Will your selfie picture work for the visa or passport document? The answer is: Yes and No. Dealing with governmental applications is a tedious task. The Photo-Settings sanctioned by the lawful authorities must be taken seriously. Our system will check your photo and identify problems in its background. It will check the Camera-Distance and adjust all elements. It will automatically set the background as required by any country, any legal or corporate system, or any documentation format covered by our Software as a Service (SaaS) app.


Picture Resizing and Exact Sizing for Identification

Your face in the picture matters the most in official and government documentations. Our system is aware of the face-sizing best suitable for passing the application. You only need to set the criteria or choose the form-type and upload the image to our system. The web-SaaS will do the rest of the job.


AI Passport photo online app

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Supported Photo Types

About Final-Version

You can upload and customize as many photos as you like. We will not charge you anything for this customization of images. Our objective is to prepare the perfect biometric photo.. Once all the processing is done you will get the final-version of the picture which can be used in a number of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Which type of camera is best suitable to snap my American passport or visa photo?

To take a perfect ID picture, use the phone, digital or a DSLR camera. The webcam on your laptop is not recommended.

What kind of lighting is suggested for the acceptance-level image?

There should be equal light in the room. Any percentage of shadow on your face can result in document rejection.

Can selfies work?

Our algorithm will fix your selfie-photo and make it perfect, but it is recommended you take help from another person while taking the picture.

What kind of facial expression should I have for the passport or visa photo?

You need to have a straight face with the right posture. It is also advised that you don’t blink as the camera clicks your image. The PhotoforID will adjust other things such as the Red Eye, Required Background and Size, and the Photo Format.

Can I smile?

It is recommended you have a no-smiley face in front of the camera. However, you can have a soft smile.

How many pictures can I upload on

You can upload multiple pictures and you will not be charged for uploading more than one picture.

What are your service charges?

The PhotoforID processes your picture and makes it perfect for your required official documentation. Once the final processing is done, you will be charged for either downloading the digital or print-friendly versions.

Will my photo be approved? What’s the guarantee?

We are providing the moneyback guarantee on photo approval. In case your photo is not approved, we will return your money.