Privacy Policy

This document will introduce you to the policy of PhotoforID when it processes your personal data which will be gathered via as well as via exclusive smartphone Apps. 

Definition of Personal Information is the details about you as a ‘person’. The said information can be your direct or indirect info/details of yours. 

Your details will be utilized for services rendered to you by PhotoforID through its web and smartphone apps. The legal cover for using your data/details is the GDPR regulations and the regulations in the country of your residence. 


If queries arise in your mind about your account, about the service i.e. is it working for you or helpful to you, send us feedback/views on the e-mail: or Contact us here:

The queries you have regarding our service, about Privacy Policy and/or our usage of your details/data, etc. Please contact us by e-mail:

For PhotoforID it is necessary to validate the identity of an incoming user that needs help and it must be done well before processing a request, the same is required for your security. 

Data collection

Through the system in place we gather and store the data of the users which is briefed hereunder: 

Information provided by the User: 

● Picture; 

● Complainant details received against a complaint, if there is a complaint from a user; 

● Personal data i.e. information gathered in the course of assistance to a user. This data only includes: name, email, and/or phone number. We don't share this data with any third-party. This information doesn't containt any sensitive information. Neither we ask and nor we keep such information saved to our servers. 

Information from Different Sources

● Third-party payment merchants which require the most recent payment details of the user. These details may include the Address, Credit/Debit Card number and expiration, Name/Surname and different tokens. 

The Law About Data Processing  

The personal information/details are being used to carry out the contract/service and to conform with the legal obligations meant for PhotoforID, that is the issuance of invoices and storing them, resolving the technical or any other issues i.e. resolving the complaints, assuring the warranty or safeguarding the legitimate interest of PhotoforID, storing the evidence to provide the fulfillment of legal obligations, as well as the examination of all types of claims. 

Your personal information/data is stored to us up till the period when it is necessary to store it; we do not store your data unnecessarily. The reason for storing your data is to fulfill the legal compulsions and/or the period for which the claims are barred.

Disclosure of data 

As a usual way of doing, we do not exploit the data as well as information gathered from other sources except if we are legally bound to do so or in the case if your data/information is required to render the services to you, and for other purposes as appended below: 

Service providers: we provide your data when it is necessary, particularly to the entities to whom we have assigned the responsibilities which include IT and Infrastructure tech-companies to improve our service. The entities are bound to process your data under GDPR, in a third country. 

In addition to the above, the entities engaged to work may also assign other parties to work on the data, and maybe it is processed in a third country.

Payment service providers: PhotoforID will give your details/data precisely to the related entities particularly for the payments for processing your payment. 

Your details/data may also be shared with the entities outside your country of residence. Hence, the personal details/information provided by you may go through different privacy laws than the privacy laws applicable in your country of residence. However, we ensure that your data is transferred under the Privacy Policy and applicable laws while transferring it outside the European Economic Area. Moreover, it is a legal obligation for us to pass on your data to public authorities at their authorized request.

 User rights and user information

You are entitled to: 

● Obtain, read, examine i.e. access your data as well as you can get a copy of your data which is going to process; 

● Correct your incorrect data; 

● Ask for deletion of your data

● Ask for restricted data processing

● Ask for objection to the processing of data 

● Ask for the movement of the data; and submit a complaint with the relevant authority. 


We know it is essential to protect the privacy of under-age persons. Therefore, we have ensured that there shall be no part of the service which is proposed for persons less than 16.

Cookies and Ads and Behavioral Targeting Opt-Out 

PhotoforID can gather and evaluate non-personal data/details of your device, your device system and other information as said before. We may gather cookies containing this information. The above said Information will be stored to enhance the performance of the System. The law authorizes you to store or not store the cookies, and you can change your settings profile. In addition to the above, when you configure, it allows the use of cookies which means you have agreed to the above. 

The advertising companies Microsoft and Google may also use your browsing information to serve ads. You can read their privacy policies and get the information on how to control the data access here: Microsoft Ads Privacy Policy and Google Ads Privacy Policy. 

In some cases, we may use retargeting ads based on the cookies information collected by the advertising platforms such as Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, Facebook, and others. You can opt out of such targeting. Please visit these links to control the cookie tracking: NAI CONSUMER OPT-OUT AND DAA OPT-OUT PAGE. 

PhotoforID retains the right to change and/or update its terms and privacy policy. On that occasion, we will publish the information on the website as well as the information that will be available in the application. 


Using our services is consent from you, and it is determined by your acceptance for you of this Policy. Otherwise, stop using the PhotoforID services. In addition to the above, your continued usage of the services determines consent from you for acceptance of any changes to this Policy.