It is essential that your submitted Visa photos fulfil the official requirements by the Swedish authorities.

When you apply for a Swedish visa, you are required to submit 2 passport-size photographs in order to complete your application. If your photos do not meet the requirements, the embassy can return your application or, in the worst case, deny you a visa. Hence, it is essential that your submitted photos fulfil the official requirements by the Swedish authorities.





Dimensions: 45 mm x 35 mm


Colors: Colored photos only. Black and white photos are not allowed.


Background: Plain, light grey or cream background. 5-10% grey background is recommended. No shadows.


Face Size: Your face should cover 29 mm - 34 mm (65% - 75%) of the full photo. 


Eyes: No “red eyes” or flash reflections.


Head Coverings: Hats or other coverings are not allowed unless worn for religious reasons and only if all facial features are fully visible.


Glasses: Recommended to remove glasses but not mandatory.


Paper: High quality, matt or low gloss paper. Corrugated paper or cardboard is not allowed.


Editing: Photos should not be flipped or edited (for example to remove shadows, smoothen face lines etc). 


Passport and Visa Photos AI App


Having to check photo requirements everytime you want to file a visa application or renew your driver’s licence can be pretty annoying. Especially when each country or organization has a different set of requirements. On top of that, having to physically visit a photo studio to get new pictures taken every time, simply adds to the hassle. 


Luckily, an Artificial Intelligence based Swedish Visa photo app PhotosForID is here to make your lives easier. Days of googling requirements and sitting in a photo studio’s waiting room are long gone! PhotosForID is an AI app that lets users upload their pictures and modify them according to the official requirements. 



PhotosForID Features


  • Quality Check: The AI tool automatically checks for features like angles, color, face size etc and ensures that your uploaded photo can be modified to meet the requirements of your selected country.
  • Cropping and Resizing: Your photos will be automatically cropped to meet the size criteria. The face to frame ratio will also be adjusted.
  • Background Removal: The tool can automatically remove the existing background and add a new one according to your photo requirements.
  • Digital and Print: Once your photo is ready, you can download a digital copy which can directly be uploaded to online applications. Alternatively, you can also download a printable pdf version of it. 
  • Pricing: All this just for 2.99$ per photo!


If you wish to avoid wasting time on preparing photos, I bet this tool is going to come in handy!