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Passport photos are important when it comes to traveling to another country. Every country has different rules and regulations about passport photos. If you plan on visiting the UK, there are certain rules you need to consider to get the passport photos. Let’s take a look at these rules.


Digital Photos

The first requirement of your passport will be a digital photo (captured within the last 30 days). Even if your appearance has not changed over the years, you will still need to get a new photo each time for a new passport while applying online. Following the rules will mean greater chances for your application to be approved.


Digital Photo Rules

Even though you should get your passport photo snapped by a professional, you can also snap a photo yourself if you own a good camera. Make sure you are properly dressed and stand in front of a blank wall without any wallpapers or paintings etc. If the rules say that the background needs to be blue, you will need to opt for a blue colored wall or background.

In addition to that, your photo should be clear and not altered using computer software. Plus, it should be at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall. Also, it should be at least 50 kB in size and not more than 10 MB.

Moreover, your passport photo should not have a red eye, people or objects in the background and include your head, shoulders and the upper body. Place yourself in front of the camera with your eyes open and sit up straight. Do not cover your face or the upper body with anything. Shadows or other external factors are not acceptable.

Keep in mind that your face should be clearly visible for identification. You should not be wearing sunglasses or covering your face with hair or anything else. Muslim women can cover their heads and Sikhs are not required to take off their turban.

It should be made sure that the face is clearly visible and there is nothing in the photo that might distort or confuse the relevant authorities about the identity of the person.


Digital Photo Rules for Babies and Children

Babies and children posing for passport photos should be alone in the photo. They should not be holding any toys or anything else. Plus, it is not important for children under 6 years of age to be looking directly into the camera. Parents can support them using a hand but that should be edited out. Additionally, children under 1 year of age should be placed on a plain-light colored sheet, while the photo is taken from above.



Passport photo requirements of the UK are quite easy to follow. Simply keep in mind the tips mentioned above and ensure you abide by the rules and regulations set by the UK to avoid any legal or security issues.