If you are applying for a German visa and want to avoid any problems, you should ensure that you fulfil the following requirements while submitting photographs:

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While Germans may not be as strict as stereotyped, when it comes to official documentation and requirements, they are known to have several regulations in place. If you are applying for a German visa and want to avoid any problems, you should ensure that you fulfil the following requirements while submitting photographs: 


Recency: The photograph must not be older than 6 months.

Colour: Only colored photos are acceptable.

Size: 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Face Size: The face should cover at least 3.2 - 3.6 cm (i.e 70 – 80%) of the picture.

Background: Uniform, light grey background.

Head Coverings: Only allowed if worn for religious purposes. Even in this case, the full face from hairline to chin should be clearly visible, without any shadows falling on the face.

Spectacles: Can be worn as far as eyes are clearly visible and there are no reflections on the glass. Sunglasses or other tinted glasses are not permitted.

Quality: A high quality printing paper must be used. The resolution must be at least 600 DPI (dots per inch).

There have been several instances where applicants went to the German embassy with photos that did not fulfil all requirements and hence, were sent back. Unless you wish to wait for months for another appointment, it is best to double check the photo requirements beforehand. 


Luckily, there are Artificial Intelligence based tools today that are aware of country-specific requirements and can help you auto-generate the correct images in no matter of time. One such efficient tool is PhotoForID.


What is PhotoForID?


PhotoForID is an AI based tool where you can upload a picture and modify it to fulfil the visa, passport, or licence photo requirements of any country. Why drive to a photo studio when you can get the same results instantly while sitting at home, and that too just for 2.99$!


Once you have uploaded your photo and selected the country along with the photo type, PhotoForID runs a few quality checks for example face proportion, angles, distances etc. If the photo is deemed suitable, it is edited according to the country-specific requirements. The editing process may include resizing, cropping, or background removal. 

Manual Checks By Experts: 

After the AI tool has done its part, a manual photo editing expert will also double check and make any necessary improvements free of cost. This process will take less than 12 hours.

Downloadables and Self Prints: 

Once the editing phase has been completed, you can download a digital image that can be used while submitting online applications. Additionally, you can also download a high-quality PDF version, which can be used to obtain prints. It is recommended that you use a standard matte 10 x 15 cm photographic paper. For printing, you can also use online services such as Shutterfly or in-store machines at Walmart and CVS.

Order Prints: 

Depending on your location, you can also request 2 printed copies of your photograph for an additional 4$. 

Money Back Guarantee: 

Not satisfied with the results? Get in touch with their customer support.

PhotoForID is just one simple example of how artificial intelligence is making lives easier. You have got to try it yourself to believe it!