If you are thinking of moving to Canada, you will obviously be needing a visa photo. What if I told you that there is an AI app that you can leverage to convert a normal photo into a Canadian visa photo.

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How to Convert a Photo for a Canadian Visa?

If you are thinking of moving to Canada, you will obviously be needing a visa photo. What if I told you that there is an AI app that you can leverage to convert a normal photo into a Canadian visa photo.

Don't have a passport photo? No problem!

PhotoforID can take any photo and turn it into a perfect Canadian visa photo. All you need is a computer and a printer.

Just visit the PhotoforID website and upload your photo. Select Canada and Canada Visa in the next 2 drop-downs respectively.

Last, click the Submit Photo button and the photo will undergo processing. Within moments, you will be able to download the processed photo as well as get 2 hard copies of the photo shipped to your address at a nominal cost.

You'll love this easy-to-use website. Just upload your photo, crop it to the correct size, and print it out on your own printer. It's that easy!


Canadian Visa Photo Requirements

Now that you know which app to use for converting a normal photo into a Canadian visa photo, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the visa photo requirements as well.

1. Stand Straight and Look Into the Camera

When taking a photograph for a Canadian visa, it is important that you look directly into the camera and stand straight. This will help the visa officer get a clear picture of your face, making it easier to process your application. Additionally, make sure to remove any hats that might obscure your facial features.

2. Brush Your Hair Backwards

One important rule to remember is that you must brush your hair backward. This may seem like a small detail, but it is essential in order for your photo to be accepted. The reason for this requirement is that your whole face (including your ears) need to be clearly visible.

3. No Shadows

When you are taking a picture for your Canadian visa, it is important to make sure that there are no shadows cast on your face or in the background. Shadows prevent your facial features from being clearly visible, so avoid them.

The best way to avoid shadows is to take your picture in front of a light source, such as a window. If you cannot find a well-lit spot, you can also use a flash. However, be sure to test the flash first to make sure that it does not wash out your features.

With a little planning, you can ensure that your visa photo is clear and correctly exposed, helping to increase your chances of being approved for a Canadian visa.

4. Ditch Your Glasses

One of the most important things to remember is not to wear any glasses. If you normally wear glasses, you will need to remove them for the photo. This is because glasses can cast shadows on your face.

If you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, you can submit a letter from your doctor explaining this.


The Bottom Line

If you are in need of a Canadian visa photo, PhotoforID can help you convert your normal photos into the correct specifications. With just a few clicks, you can have a perfect photo that will meet all the requirements for your visa application.