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If you like traveling or want to go on a holiday, one of the most aspects to take care of are the visa and passport. If your visa has expired or it is your first time applying, you will need to provide the latest details and documents including your recent photo.

For the photo, the options you have is visiting a professional photographer or using an online tool. Let’s discuss them in some detail.

How to Get a Visa Photo from a Professional Photographer?

The first option you have is to visit a professional photographer. You won’t need to put in much effort and the photographer will take care of all the hard work (including editing the photo and applying the settings such as cropping). Photo cropping is the step that comes after your visa photo has been captured and printed.

Keep in mind that your visa photo should not be older than six months. Plus, getting your visa photo cropped or adjusted might cost you money. So getting it done by a professional shouldn’t be a problem as far as you are willing to pay for it.

Can I Crop My Visa Photo Online?

Another decent option is that you can use an online tool like PhotoforID. While looking for the perfect tool online, you will come across many but you will hardly find one that is as good as PhotoforID.

This tool has been specifically designed for people who cannot afford expensive professional photographers or are in a hurry to get their official photos made. Featuring powerful artificial intelligence, PhotoforID can remove the background, adjust the colors, resize and most importantly crop your photo.

All you need to do is visit the site and click Browse to locate the visa photo you wish to crop. Next, select the country along with the photo type and the tool will automatically choose the settings as they are pre-programmed. Once you are done, click Submit Photo for the tool to begin processing.

Within a few seconds, the tool will present your visa photo having made all the necessary adjustments. You can either download or print the photos at affordable costs.

Keep in mind that PhotoforID won’t accept photos that don’t adhere to the rules & regulations.

Just ensure that your visa photo complies with the rules & regulations of the respective country you are applying for and it’ll be a very easy process.