You can take your picture at home and the online editor will modify the photo format according to your selected country.

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When applying for a US visa you must meet certain conditions. One of the most basic and important documents is your photo. A compliance-based visa photo can get approval easily. With technological improvements, online tools have made the compliance process easier. You can take your picture at home and the online editor will modify the photo format according to your selected country.

Features of a Good US Visa Photo Tool

Accurate Sizing: The tool should provide the correct dimensions (51x51 mm or 2x2 inches) required for US visa photos.

Background Removal: Ensure the tool can remove the background, leaving a plain white or light-colored backdrop.

Facial Guidelines: Look for clear instructions on head position, expression, and other facial details.

Crop and Download: A user-friendly cropping feature and instant download options are essential.


Popular US Visa Photo Tools Online 


PhotoForID is designed specifically for creating passport, visa, and other identity document photos. It processes compliance-based visa photos with human checking for guaranteed results.


  • Quality Checks
  • Automatic Cropping
  • Background Removal
  • Exact Sizing


PhotoAid offers an all-in-one solution for making biometric passport photos with the help of AI from home. 

  • Easy processing, just upload the photo and let AI fine-tune it.
  • Ideal for passport and visa photos

Photo-tool by the US Official Department of State

The official US Department of State photo tool ensures compliance with visa photo requirements. Here’s what it offers:

  • Accurate sizing and guidelines
  • Background removal
  • Instant download Link to the official tool


It is an automated passport photo maker available as a website and app. It simplifies creating professional-grade biometric photos from home.


  • Various Document Types
  • Guidelines and Tips
  • Print Options is a free online service that allows you to edit passport photos for various countries and document types.


  • Choose from templates, sizes, formats, cropping, and editing options.
  • Ensures professional biometric features.
  • Order prints or download photos for printing.



PersoFoto is an online service for creating biometric passport photos. It’s simple and user-friendly, ensures compliance, and offers free downloads and premium printed options. 

  • Simple to process, take a picture, adjust the photo order and wait for processing
  • Can accommodate special format requirements as well.
  • Ensures that your picture meets all requirements.
  • Check brightness, contrast, color correction, and background to meet standards.