The US Passport Photo Tool automatic method to meet passport picture requirements of the US government.

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PhotoforID will make your picture approval-ready for the US Passport Application.

Converting a photo to US passport size is a no-brainer for PhotoforID.

You don’t need to go to a passport photo booth or a studio. The entire task can be done while staying at home!

Convert Photo to US Passport Size Using AI App

PhotoforID strictly follows security and privacy practices

The US Passport Photo Tool Automatic Method to Meet Passport Picture Requirements

  • Detects the color of the image 

  • Checks the clarity of the image

  • Enhances face area in the picture automatically

  • PhotofroID adjusts the image angle for tilted photos

  • Makes the photo's background white or off-white

  • The application rejects photos with face masks 

  • Accurately edits photo to  2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) 

  • Checks and fixes head if it’s not centered or occupying 50-70% of the entire photo

  • Sets minimum 300+ DPI resolution

The Online Passport Photo Studio Near You – Manual Checks

  • PhotoforID processes your photo in 3 seconds (Average)

  • Once a photo is print-ready, you can also direct us for a manual review 

  • The manual review is done by expert US passport photo checkers who will make sure the picture passes the document requirements

Which Photo Should You Upload to Pass American Passport Photo Rules?

  • A Clear color-photo

  • Although we can fix selfies, it's better you don’t upload them

  • You should not be sending us an image with eye-glasses

  • Don’t use the image filters 

  • Eyes should be open and clearly visible in the picture 

  • No laughing with visible teeth

  • Wavy hair on the face is a big no! 

  • Full-face view with equal lighting 

  • Shadows and clothes should not be obscuring the face

Photo Print or Download? web service saves you time and energy. There is no need to go to a passport photo studio near you. You even don’t need to go to a self-service kiosk to take the picture print. With the downloadable version of the ID picture, you can order an online print while sitting in your home. It is a more cost-effective option for you. 

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Processing photos is free. You can upload multiple photos in our system. However, if you want to download or print the passport photo near you, you will be charged for the service.