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The UK is considered amongst the toughest countries when it comes to visa requirements. With rising threats and security concerns, it is only right that the authorities keep up to date with the security protocols.


This means that people of different races, religions and ethnicity should be aware of the UK visa and photo requirements to ease through the process. Therefore, if you are an Indian planning to visit the UK, we have got some tips you might want to consider.


Do Not Wear Anything Distracting

Although the Indians, especially the Sikhs are allowed to keep their turbans on due to religious concerns, other than that, you should not be wearing anything that makes it in order to identify you as the real person. For instance, women should not be wearing “mangal sooter” or “bindiya” for their visa photos.

Instead, you should keep a clear face with proper lighting for the officials to easily identify the person. At the same time, there should not be any shadows behind you, which is not allowed by the UK authorities.

On the other hand, males are also required to keep their faces clean and clear. This means that they should not be wearing earrings or have anything on their body that does not comply with the rules & regulations. The photo should be clear and focused with plain-white background and proper lighting.


Can I Use Photoforid For My Visa Photo?

If you plan on taking photos at home, you will need to make several attempts to come up with the perfect one. However, when it comes to editing, you will be needing some help. The good news is that you can use PhotoforID to edit your pictures according to the country you are planning to visit. This means you will not have to put in much time and effort making sure the visa photo complies by the standards as the tool will do everything by itself.

To do that,

  1. Open up the PhotoforID website.
  2. Upload your photo and select the country and photo type.
  3. Click the Submit Photo button for the tool to begin editing.


Once the photo has passed the initial inspection, PhotoforID will begin to automatically adjust the photo for angle, brightness, size, quality etc. However, if the photo does not pass the initial inspection, it means that you will need to capture and upload a clearer photo for the tool to accept.


PhotoforID will help you fine tune your photos for the UK visa requirements with ease.