There are several websites online that allow users to upload their photos and receive visa photos in a matter of seconds. Let’s take a look at some of the best options along with what they have to offer.

There was a time when people had to personally visit photo shops to get their visa photos snapped and edited. However, today, with the advancement in technology, visa photo editing has turned into just a few clicks. There are several websites online that allow users to upload their photos and receive visa photos in a matter of seconds. Let’s take a look at some of the best options along with what they have to offer.



PhotoforID is an online visa photo app that is designed to produce impressive results. To use PhotoforID, you need to follow basic instructions such as the camera height being the same as face height.

Once you have captured your photo, simply upload it on the website, select the country along with the type. PhotoforID will make all the necessary edits and produce your visa photo before you in moments. This online tool might ask you to change the background or other factors if your face isn’t clear etc.


Passport Photo Online

In addition to visiting photo shops, people would also visit photo booths to have their photos captured and produced within a matter of seconds. However, how would you feel if you had a photo booth you can carry around everywhere? Great, right? Passport Photo online is a convenient online visa photo editing platform that allows its users to upload images and edit them according to different specifications.

It is a well-known fact that visa photos follow certain requirements depending on the country. The good news is that Passport Photo Online can help produce US visa photos with just a few clicks while following the required standards. You won’t have to put in much time and effort, the online tool will handle everything for you.



Persofoto is another example of how you can easily set up your visa photos by uploading your pictures on the free website platform. Perhaps the best feature of this tool is that not only is it efficient but also helps you choose the best picture for your visa documents.

You simply need to follow the instructions provided by the online tool and you will be done with your visa photo in just a few steps. You also have the option to capture the photo at the spot. Irrespective of where you intend to use the photo, you are guaranteed to come up with optimal results each time.


Make Passport Photo

If you are out on the hunt for the perfect online visa photo tool, you should consider using Make Passport Photo. Users are required to select the country before uploading their images for the tool to turn them into visa photos. Furthermore, users can also produce Passport photos if required.

What makes this online tool different from its competitors is that users can create custom sized photos if their specific country or document type is not available. And with a variety of sizes available, visa photos are nowhere near being a hassle using this tool.


123 Passport Photo

123PassportPhoto is yet another impressive option for your visa photos. As soon as you visit the website, the user-friendly interface hits you up with basic requirements. You simply need to select the country and the online tool will upload all the specifications accordingly. Select from the options and upload your image. Click the Start button and that’s pretty much it.


ID Photo DIY

IDPhotoDIY.Com offers versatile features to its users for both visa and passport photos when compared to its competitors. First, you need to select your country and then choose your option based on the type of photo you require. You can even get a photo for your NY Gun License and Citizenship etc. 

However, for the tool to come up with the perfect image, you will need to follow some basic instructions mentioned on the website.



If online visa tools do not suffice your needs, you can try using free desktop visa photo tools to achieve better quality results. For instance, Photomatic is a biometric ID Photo software that uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect visa and passport photos.

Even though the software provides alot more features than regular online tools, they are also easy to use and understand. For example, Photomatic software features automatic cropping, which does not require the user to put in effort and time to resize the picture. Instead, the software does it for them. Using this software, you cannot expect any complaints.


ID Photo by Codenia

ID Photo by Codenia is one of the best desktop visa photo options available out there. With passport and visa photo templates available for more than 100 countries, you can format, save or print your photos within seconds. ID Photo by Codenia allows its users to store, print and email multiple photos at the same time.

To produce a visa photo according to your needs and preferences, you simply have to upload the photo from your cell phone or computer and use the multi-touch. From Albania to Vietnam, this desktop tool is surely an option worth considering.


Passport Photo Maker 9.15

Passport Photo Maker 9.15 is a step into the professional world. It is available in both free and paid versions. Even the free version offers several advanced features that will help you produce the exact visa photo you had in mind. It uses a smart cropping tool to remove any distractions, items or objects and is compatible with requirements of 130 countries.


ID Photo Creator

ID Photo Creator is a smart passport and visa editing tool that understands its user requirements very well. To help the users produce good quality photos, it provides tips at startup along with a user manual for beginners to get used to the tool.

The tool features a variety of templates based on countries. All you need to do is select the appropriate template and download or print the photos. You can also share the photos to external photo editors for even better results. Using this software, there are neither any limitations nor you can go wrong with it.



To sum up, this article discusses the best options available for both visa and passport photos. You can try and opt for the one that meets your needs and preferences. However, make sure that you follow the instructions and pre-requisites for the tools to produce perfect quality and size visa photos.