To aid you in this process, we have compiled a list of Swedish passport photo requirements as of 2022.

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While applying for a Swedish Passport, you are required to submit two photographs that conform to the standard EU regulations. There have been several incidents where applicants were turned down due to minor discrepancies. If you wish to avoid delays in receiving your passport, you must ensure that your photos fulfil all the requirements. To aid you in this process, we have compiled a list of requirements as of 2022. 


Swedish Passport Photo Requirements 


Photo Size: 45mm x 35mm


Colouring: Photos must be in colour. Black and white or grayscale photos are not allowed.


Background: Uniform background without any shadows. The background colour should be light grey or cream background.


Face Size: The applicant’s face should cover approximately 70% of the whole photo frame. 


Spectacles: Although it is recommended to remove glasses, it is not mandatory. However, in cases where glasses are worn, it must be ensured that there are no reflections.


Head Coverings: Caps, bands or other head coverings are not allowed unless worn for medical or religious reasons. 


Expressions: The applicant must maintain neutral expressions.


Paper Type: Matte photographic paper. 


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