PhotoSweeper is a dedicated Windows and Mac software to compare, find, and delete duplicate or identical images from an external storage or hard disk.

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PhotoSweeper is a dedicated Windows and Mac software to compare, find, and delete duplicate or identical images from an external storage or hard disk. Additionally, it enables users to compare video files as well. The many different settings to erase duplicates makes it somewhat complex to use. However, the tips presented in this guide would help new users on how to use Photosweeper with ease.


Tech Tip: Get rid of duplicate photos from PC using Sorcim's PictureEcho Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Download it here.

(PictureEcho follows Google Software principles and is reviewed by top photography site SLR Lounge: PictureEcho)


PhotoSweeper is useful if you:

  • Have a messy photo collection
  • Edit images with Pixelmator, Photoshop, and similar softwares
  • Want free disk space
  • Have images scattered on the local disk and hard drive. 


Ahead, you'll learn how to use PhotoSweeper Windows 11 and read its detailed review. 

PhotoSweeper Features 

Find Photos 

Beneath the "Find Photos" option, users can access various settings to hunt for duplicates efficiently. In the imported folder, you can find images as per:


  • Editing software
  • Name
  • Camera lens model
  • Capture date
  • Camera model
  • Rating
  • Camera maker
  • Color label
  • Flash fired
  • Favorite
  • ISO speed rating
  • Flagged
  • Focal length
  • Rejected
  • F Number
  • Referenced
  • Exposure time
  • On Cloud
  • Color profile name
  • Marked
  • Image DPI
  • Locked
  • Orientation
  • Missing
  • Height and width 
  • Keywords
  • File type
  • Library name
  • File size
  • Project name
  • File created date
  • Album and folder name
  • File modified date 


After the software has searched for the required images, users can press the "Sort By" menu to decide how the discovered images are displayed as per Descending, Date added, Ascending, Dimensions, File Size, and Title setting. 

Similar photos are found by tweaking the settings. The parameters are understandable and users have to choose based on their needs. After you have started the comparison process by clicking on the ‘Start’ button, the tool will prompt you to mark the images to delete. Auto-mark is possible as per preset preferences. Alternatively, it can be done manually. For Auto-mark, see the guidelines by going to "Show Preferences". 

Flexible Comparison Settings 

Effective multi-settings are available in PhotoSweeper to quickly find duplicates, series of shots, and identical images. Duplicates, even the ones edited in external programs such as Photoshop, can be found irrespective of their picture format or size. 

High Quality and Speed 

PhotoSweeper boasts the ability to swiftly compare many photos. Rare algorithms and innovative technology boosts the speed of searching duplicates and offers accurate comparison results. 

These results can be regrouped without re-comparing images by changing matching levels via a slider. Employing caches makes it quick too. 

Excellent Image Browsing 

The software acts as a modern picture browser with an in-built search option where users can view images by Quick Look preview, metadata (IPTC, EXIF), histogram, and the "Info" panel with a comprehensive image description. 


PhotoSweeper interface depends on which mode you pick and the prominent toolbars situated at the bottom. The Welcome screen presents 3 interface modes.

  • The Single List Mode finds duplicates in one set of images. Users can drag and drop a folder, after which the software will scan and compare the same images inside the folder.
  • The Side-to-Side Mode finds duplicates between two sets. Users drag and drop folders or pictures on both sides of the window. The tool will compare duplicates stored on both sides. 
  • The Restore Last Session Mode restores images and comparison results from the last session. It can be any of the above two modes. 


PhotoSweeper Specs 


Last updated version 


File size 

19.81 MB

Current version 



Ivan Prymak


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. 


Pros & Cons of PhotoSweeper 



  • Provides comprehensive information on images
  • Searches images quickly and smartly
  • Offers three different ways to find duplicates
  • Offers auto-select option for image deletion
  • Offers three modes to preview duplicates (one-by-one, face-to-face, and all-in-one)




  • Doesn't permanently delete duplicates
  • Only supports video and image input
  • Doesn't support video preview
  • Requires some technical expertise to use the software 

How to Use PhotoSweeper Windows 11 


  1. Download and install the BlueStacks App Player on your PC.
  2. Launch the software and sign in with your Google account.
  3. Search for PhotoSweeper from the program search bar in the in-built Play Store. Press the install button on the PhotoSweeper app page.
  4. After the software is installed, tap on the "All Apps" button to access your apps on the emulator.
  5. Now, you are able to view the PhotoSweeper app. Tap on the icon to initiate. 


Final Verdict 

PhotoSweeper Windows 11 is an accurate, quick, and practical solution to erase duplicate or identical images in massive photo collections. It's compatible with Capture One, Photos, Lightroom Classic, Aperture, and iPhoto media libraries, along with external storage and hard drive.