Move Files from pCloud to pCloud

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In today’s digital age, an increasing number of people and businesses are using cloud storage services. pCloud is one of the popular cloud storage platforms.


While using pCloud, it’s not uncommon for people to create multiple accounts. If you’re using multiple pCloud accounts, moving files from one account to another may seem like a long & tedious task. Worry not, we’ve come out with a simple  workaround to simplify the process and shorten the transfer time. Let’s begin.


What Makes pCloud Unique? Why Is It So Popular?

pCloud uses zero-knowledge client-side encryption to protect your sensitive data. Move all the files you want to encrypt into the Crypto folder. The zero-knowledge encryption guarantees that even the pCloud staff cannot view your files.


pCloud is perhaps the only cloud service provider that provides a lifetime plan. Unlike other cloud services, pCloud offers a one-time payment plan with no monthly or annual subscription charges.


You can also upload your files using a remote URL. Keep in mind, this feature is only available on the Web version.


While working with our files, there is always a chance of corrupting a file’s content. The file versioning feature of pCloud protects you from unwanted file modifications. With a few clicks, you can restore a previous version of your file.


pCloud is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. You can use its easy interface to share folders with others, and determine who can access or modify them.


Reasons for Using Multiple pCloud Accounts


  • Backup: If you’re using pCloud to store important files, storing multiple instances on different pCloud accounts will help you protect from data loss. If  your data gets accidentally deleted, or your account gets compromised, you can always restore the data from another pCloud account.
  • Privacy: Do you use a personal and business pCloud account? If so, you might want to separate your personal data from the professional data.
  • Insufficient storage: The free plan of pCloud provides a limited 10 GB of storage. If you’ve tens of thousands of files, you might split your data into multiple accounts.
  • Split project files: Do you work with multiple clients? Do you have multiple projects at hand? Splitting your files into multiple accounts will make them readily accessible when you need them. Besides, you can avoid accidentally sharing one client’s file with another client.


Move Files from pCloud to pCloud


Method 1: Using Easy Cloud Manager

The simple way to move files from one pCloud account to another is to use a specialized cloud transfer utility. Easy Cloud Manager from Sorcim Technologies, facilitates instant and secure cloud file transfer. The best thing about ECM is that it protects your data privacy using the official APIs from the respective cloud services.


  1. Open Easy Cloud Manager and create a new account.
  2. Click on Add New Drive in the Home tab.
  3. Select the pCloud service.
  4. Click on Add New Drive.
  5. Sign-in to the pCloud account you want to use as the source account.
  6. Repeat over the same steps (Steps # 2-4) to add the pCloud account you want to use as a destination.
  7. Click on the Operations tab.
  8. Click on Data Transfer.
  9. Click on Select Source, and choose the source pCloud account.
  10. Similarly, click on the Select Target, and choose the destination pCloud account.
  11. If you wish to configure which files to exclude, use the “Ignore files  smaller than/ larger than” options.
  12. If you wish to ignore files older than/ newer than a specific date, check the relevant options and select your desired date.
  13. Click on Transfer Now to start the transfer.


Method 2: Using the Share Functionality

Another in-house way to transfer files from one pCloud account to another is to use the file/ folder sharing functionality. Here’s how:


  1. Sign-in to the source pCloud account that contains the files you want to transfer.
  2. Select the folder(s) you want to transfer to your other account.
  3. Click on the Share icon on the toolbar.
  4. In the newly opened Share dialog, specify the email address of your other pCloud account.
  5. Provide the view, edit and download privileges to your other pCloud account.
  6. Click on the Send button.
  7. You’ll receive a link in the email account associated with your other pCloud account to view or download the files.
  8. Remove the view, edit and download privileges to the source account.