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The thing that confuses people the most in passport pictures is its sizing. Many applicants submit images with either bigger or smaller dimensions. This is why the state passport officials have to disapprove or reject such applications. Do you want to avoid the same happening to you? You have come to the right place.


Photoforid is a genius AI web service that serves perfectly sized biometric images, including passport size photo for indian passport. Ahead, we will see how this passport photo utility works.

Convert Your Passport Picture to the Country’s Requirements

Photoforid is aware of all passport picture requirements set by each country. Users no longer have to worry about the perfect sizing or dimensions because this is done by Photoforid in simple, easy steps. The genius AI web-app works in the following way:


  1. Upload your passport image in the Photoforid system.
  2. Choose your country, which is India in this case.
  3. Select the format of the picture, which is passport in this case.
  4. Allow the passport picture utility to check the image.
  5. It will automatically convert the picture to Indian passport dimensions: 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm).
  6. Finally, you can have it printed or downloaded.


Keep in mind that Photoforid will not only giev you a passport size photo for indian passport. It also checks for the below requirements that must be present in all passports:


  • Clarity of the image.
  • Head in the center and consume 50% to 70% of the whole picture.
  • Minimum 300+ DPI resolution.
  • Improvement of facial features.
  • A white or off-white background of the image.
  • A straight angle without any tilt.


These automatic checks are to ensure that users will achieve an approval-worthy result. Photoforid does not want you to face rejection in your passport applications!