Everyone wants to have a nice bright picture, especially when it comes to your passport.

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If you’re unsure whether you can wear makeup for a passport photo, your answer would be: Yes, but only under some conditions. Everyone wants to have a nice bright picture, especially when it comes to your passport. But you must ensure that the makeup you’re wearing must not go against the official requirements for a passport-sized photo.

Most people complain about their passport photos that make them appear like some wanted criminals. The apparent reason is that no one cares about your best photo look as much as you do. And you know the worst part? You have to live with that humiliating passport photo no matter how much you try to hide it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            So, stick around and follow the below headlines for an eye-catching passport photo.

Focus on your Natural Skin Color

Your passport photo must reflect your natural skin color. Don’t overhype your skin to glow more than usual. Similarly, avoid too dark or too light foundation on your skin. Always apply a base that looks similar and natural on your face and neck when you do your makeup for a passport photo.


Stop Following Makeup Trends

Social media adds up little extra spice to makeup trends. The beauty industry has been rapidly growing over the past two decades. While new makeup trends are constantly appearing, your passport photo should never reflect your makeup skills or fashion tastes when doing your passport photo makeup. Avoid lenses, dark lipstick, overdrawn lip line, neon eyeliner, dark eyeliner, etc. Light makeup that looks natural will be ideal for a passport photo.


Avoid Oily Face Photoshoot

Always avoid unnecessary shine on your skin when doing passport photo makeup. Try to mattify your oily face with powder when taking a passport photo. The area that usually produces a lot of oil on your face includes your nose and forehead. So, you don’t want your face to glow more when doing passport photo makeup. Use an oil-free moisturizer that keeps your nose hydrated while balancing your oily skin.

Neutral Lips Color

Always go for a light but not bright lip color. When choosing a neutral lip color, remember that it’s not about a fashionable image or a selfie you will take. Instead, it should be a trustful image that reflects the true you. So, go for a deeper, less vibrant lip color that suits you well and fulfills the goal of a passport photo by having an appealing lip color.


Eye-Catching Hairstyle

As for the hairstyle, a knotted ponytail or half-cut will be your choice. You can use shampoo or conditioner. But there are no specific passport photo hairstyle requirements. Still, having a beautiful hairstyle is necessary when doing passport photo makeup. You don’t need to be professional – keep it simple and straight.


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So far, we have discussed how your passport photo makeup should be. Don’t follow unusual social media trends – follow your instinct. Avoid dark lipstick, and powder your oily face before going for a shoot. The same goes for foundation; your neck and face skin color should match no matter what. And finally, go for a more familiar and usual hairstyle that reflects the true you for a passport photo.