We have got an online passport photo editing tool that will get the job done within a matter of seconds. Let’s find out.

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Passport photos are the most important part of your traveling documents. If you travel on a regular basis, you would know how important it is to get your passport photos right. To make sure the photos are up to the required standard, you visit a professional studio and pay for the services. But what if you are in a hurry or are tight on money?

We have got an online passport photo editing tool that will get the job done within a matter of seconds. Let’s find out.

What is PhotoforID?

It is important that we introduce the tool a bit first to give you an idea about its features and capability. As mentioned earlier, this is an online passport photo editing tool that contains all the relevant tools to help you come up with the perfect passphoto photos. Not only that, it can produce visa photos for you as well.

How to Use PhotoforID?

Now that you are familiar with the idea and objective of PhotoforID, it is now time to turn towards its usage. This is perhaps the only online tool out there that comes with an extremely easy user interface. As soon as you visit the site, the main page awaits your photos to be edited.

To turn your photos into passport or visa size photos, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open up the PhotoforID website
  • Upload the image by browsing from your PC/ smartphone
  • Select the country and photo type
  • Click the Submit Photo button

Upon clicking Submit Photo, the tool will display a green highlighted message that says Looks Good. This indicates that the tool has made sure there is nothing that needs to be manually removed or edited and will begin processing.

Although PhotoforID is packed with features such as face picture quality check, automatic picture cropping and background removal etc. to ensure your photos pass the initial requirements, it should be kept in mind that if the image is not upto  the required level or includes distractions or certain items or objects, the tool will ask you to manually remove them first.

Once the tool is done processing, your image will be ready to download. Plus, you can also have the photos shipped to your address as well but that will call for additional charges.

However, before your photos can be shipped or downloaded, they will be thoroughly inspected by the experts at PhotoforID. The process will take less than 12 hours.