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Have you ever thought about how easy technology has made your life? In today’s digital era, you no longer have to do everything manually. Be it ordering food or generating passport photos, a lot of routine tasks can now be done online in seconds. In this blog post, let us introduce you to PhotoforID, an online service for passport photo printing and delivery.


Passport Photo Requirements

Let’s take a look at some general requirements for passport photos. Although some requirements like the background color or the dimensions may differ depending on the country you’re targeting, the following general requirements almost always apply:

  • The background should be plain, preferably light-colored.
  • The photograph should be captured in a well-lit environment.
  • The photo quality should be at least 600 DPI.
  • Unless worn for religious purposes, the applicant must not wear any head covering.
  • All of the applicant’s facial features should be fully visible in the photograph.
  • The applicant’s face should be positioned in the center of the photo.
  • The applicant should have a neutral facial expression.
  • The photograph should not have shadows, reflections, or red eyes.


Online Passport Photo Delivery Service

Now that we know the general requirements, let’s talk about PhotoforID. PhotoforID is an easy-to-use tool where users can upload an existing picture that is automatically edited to meet any legal passport photo requirements. As a user, you just have to upload a suitable picture and select the targeted country and photo type.


Quality Checks

Once your photo has been uploaded, the artificial intelligence-based tool runs a few quality checks. During this process, different features such as face angles, photo dimensions, colors, and resolution are analyzed.


Photo Editing

If required, PhotoforID will use its intelligent algorithms to automatically edit your photo. The editing step may include different steps for example background removal, resizing, cropping, or face-face ratio adjustments. You would be surprised to hear that apart from the automatic editing, a professional photo editor also reviews the final results (at no extra cost) to further ensure that everything is good to go.



Once you have your final photo, you can instantly download it as a printable PDF file or else as an image file that can be used in online applications. The quality of the downloads matches the official requirements (i.e at least 600 DPI) so you have nothing to worry about!


Passport Photo Delivery Service

If you want a hard copy of your photo but don’t have a printer or don’t want to visit a printing shop, PhotoforID has a solution for that too. For just $4, you can have PhotoforID print photos on your behalf and mail them directly to your home address. Ah, how convenient does that sound now!


We guarantee you - once you try out the tool yourself, you will always remember it as the one-stop solution to all passport photo-related worries!