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No one is fond of getting their passport picture taken and then making it perfect as per the standards. But what if we told you that there exists an AI web service by the name of Photoforid, which edits your passport picture to the exact dimensions as set by the user’s embassy. This web-app works quickly to fulfill your official documents needs. So without wasting time, let’s see how this Online Photo Editor to Passport Size works.


Before submitting your passport picture, make sure that it checks the following basic terms:


It should be a clear and non-blurry image.


Even though the Online Photo Editor to Passport Size can fix selfies, it is still better to refrain from submitting one.


You should not be wearing spectacles or eye-glasses in your picture.


The image should be free of all types of filters.


  • Your teeth should not be visible. Also, make sure that you are not laughing.
  • Keep your eyes open in the image.
  • Make sure that your hair is not falling on your face.
  • Likewise, clothes or shadows should not be making your face unclear in the image.
  • Lastly, make sure that the image showcases a full-face view with sufficient lighting.

Automatic Editing to Passport Size

Photoforid carries a lot of checks to ensure that your passport meets the official embassy requirements. Some checks guarantee the quality of the image, while others guarantee that the embassy demands are being met. See how the online photo editor to passport size operates:


It checks how clear the person and color of the image is.

The web-app refines the facial area in the image.

It sets the picture background as off-white or white.

If the image is on a tilted angle, the app will fix that too.


Photoforid makes sure that your passport image will be accepted by doing the following checks:


  • It edits passport image dimensions to the country you selected.
  • It sets 300+ in the minimum DPI resolution category.
  • Finally, if your head is not centered in the image or if it’s consuming less space, Photoforid will fix that too.