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Do you need a formal and approval-ready picture for your Green Card application? You have arrived at the right place. PhotoForID is an online AI platform that offers automatic and manual checks on your image.

Everyone knows that anyone’s US Green Card Application is incomplete without an appropriate identity photo. In fact, it is the core component of the application. The US Government has established a list of very particular demands that your identity image must meet. Luckily, the PhotoForID AI passport photo app is all you need to get your application accepted. It does everything automatically. There is no need to resize, crop, edit, or add color to your green card image. And you know the best part? It happens from the comfort of your home without any manual efforts!

PhotoForID AI does the following to make sure that your image is ready for the Green Card application:

  • It sets the image background to off-white or white.
  • It checks how clear the image is.
  • It establishes at least 300+ DPI image resolution.
  • It improves your face in the image.
  • The head angle is correctly adjusted.
  • The image dimensions are set to 2 x 2.

Get Your Online Green Card Photo at PhotoforID

  • Submit your picture.
  • PhotoForID will process your photo in a few seconds.
  • You can ask for a manual checking by the web-app service team.
  • Your image will be examined to make sure that it fulfills the document requirements.
  • You may either download it or print it out. is your perfect assistant to have your Green Card image edited. There is no need to visit a photo studio or stand in long queues. The downloadable version of the image allows you to order an online print. The entire process is smooth and cheap.