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Walgreens is a company better known for being the second-largest pharmacy chain store in the United States. Since the company has been supplying the country with millions of medicines and vaccines on a daily basis, little does the majority know that they can get their passport photos printed at some stores as well. Let’s discuss how.

What to Know Before Taking a Passport Photo

Before you can take an infant passport photo at Walgreens, you should be aware of some basic rules that apply to every passport photo. To begin with, the United State Department of State requires passport photos in 2x2 size, in color and with plain white or off-white background.

Travelers are requested to take off excessive clothes, jewelry and accessories. However, if there is a religious obligation, travelers can keep their heads covered or wear a particular type of clothing.

The infant should not be wearing any fashionable items, accessories or holding onto an item or object while getting the passport photo snapped.

Parents should try to keep a natural expression on their face but the rules are a bit relaxed for infants because it is not easy to keep an infant still or without any expressions. However, that does not mean the infant should be crying or laughing.

How Not to Take an Infant Passport Photo

It can be relatively difficult for infants to sit still and without any expressions. Therefore, the concerned department has made the rules slightly less strict. However, still parents/handlers are expected to abide by certain rules such as they cannot be in the photo holding hands or trying to keep the infant still.

The infant should preferably have a plain white background and should not be holding any item or object. Furthermore, the infant should not be wearing anything that covers facial features such as the eyes and nose etc.

It is also important to note that the infant should not be eating or drinking anything.

Getting a Walgreens Passport Photo

Although Walgreens outlets across the country can take and print your passport photo. There is no need to make an appointment but you should call your nearest Walgreen store and ask them if they have the facility. Walgreens outlets with passport photo facilities can print photos within an hour.