If you have an iPhone, you can get some passport photos ready within no time. Let’s discuss.

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Passport photos are perhaps the most important requirement when applying for a passport or getting it renewed. Although most people tend to visit photo studios for that purpose, not everyone finds it convenient. But if you have an iPhone, you can get some passport photos ready within no time. Let’s discuss.

Pose and Camera Distance

The first rule of taking a passport photo with your iPhone is to make sure the pose and camera distance are perfect. Ask someone for help and sit or stand 1.5 meters away from the person holding the phone. Make sure there is half a meter distance behind you and between the wall. Look directly into the camera. Do not strike a pose and sit still. Thrust your jaw forward a bit to avoid having a double-chin.

Lighting Adjustment

Next, you will need a medium light source that equally lightens your face. Make sure it is not excessive on either side that imbalances the light. At the same time, there should be no bright lights, as they will cast bright shadows. You can place a lamp behind the photographer or high above you.

Background Adjustment

It is a common misconception that the perfect background is always white, but that is wrong. The reason is that sometimes white backgrounds can cast stronger lights and even create glares. Pick light blue, gray or creamy walls. At the same time, ensure there are no objects in the frame.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Clothes are an important factor when it comes to taking passport photos. You should not be wearing anything with signs, phrases or glowing features. Instead, opt for something plain and basic. And do not wear any jewelry or accessories that might influence the final images. But if there is anything you wear on a regular basis due to religious reasons, you can do that.


Proper Face Expression

Finally, it comes down to the proper facial expression. Try keeping a natural face expression and do not smile, be angry, sad or keep your eyes closed. Instead, the eyes should be wide open and clearly visible.

 Use A Software

Now that you have captured the images, you still cannot guarantee that they are upto the standards. So, what you need is a software or an app where you upload your images and turn them into passport photos.

For this reason, we recommend using Photoforid.com on iPhone. Simply visit the site and upload your picture while selecting the country and the photo type.

The best part about Photoforid.com is that you do not have to put in manual effort to make sure the images turn out perfect. Using artificial intelligence and several other important features such as picture cropping, the online program will automatically make edits and have your passport photos ready within seconds.

But keep in mind that if the original photos do not follow the international standards, Photoforid will not be able to process them. As a result, you have to make sure the images comply with the rules and regulations.