Easy Tweet Deleter is here to save you all that time by helping you bulk delete all your tweets, retweets, and likes.

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As we grow older, our personalities and opinions often tend to change. It’s not uncommon that you come across your old tweets and can’t help but cringe. Whether it was your Miley Cyrus inspired emo phase or inappropriate political tweets - sometimes you might just want to get rid of all your past tweets and have a fresh start. 


Now imagine having to scroll down till 2016 and delete each tweet individually. Ah, sounds like a terrible idea! Well, Easy Tweet Deleter is here to save you all that time by helping you bulk delete all your tweets, retweets, and likes. With ETD, there are two methods that you can use to clean up your Twitter account.


#1: Delete Twitter Data By Logging In


When you head to the official Easy Tweet Deleter website, you can login using your Twitter account. Once you have given the tool the necessary authorization, it will display your most recent tweets. You can search tweets by keywords or apply filters such as date or time to narrow down the tweets you want to get rid of. You can select up to 3200 tweets at once, review them, and bulk delete them with a single button click. 


#2: Delete Twitter Data Using Twitter Archive


In this method, you head to your Twitter’s Settings and “Download an archive of your data” from under the “Your Account” section. Then, you will receive an email with a link to a downloadable archive file. Next, you have to login into Easy Tweet Deleter with your Twitter account and upload the archive file. Once the file is uploaded, ETD will display all your tweets, retweets, and likes. Then, you can apply search filters to select, review, and finally bulk delete all unwanted tweets in one go. 


Depending on how many tweets there are to delete, the deletion might take some time but be assured that the wait will be worthwhile. Their pricing starts at as low as $7.99 per month. 


Caution: Once deleted, the tweets or retweets cannot be recovered.


Is Easy Tweet Deleter Secure?


Absolutely! ETD uses the official Twitter APIs while handling your account data and does not use or store any personal information. The strong encryption methods implemented at each step of the process ensure that your data privacy is not compromised. To sum it up, it’s safe to say that Easy Tweet Deleter is a pretty convenient way to clean up your Twitter account within minutes. Worth a try!