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It can be difficult to take the right photo if you are trying to create a passport photo at home. You need to have the proper lighting, position and tilt of your head to get a good shot. PhotoForID makes this convenient with its AI-based technology so you don’t have to worry about going to any professional studio. The only effort is creating the passport photo and uploading it to the website.


How To Create Passport Photo At Home

Creating your passport photo at home can be a cost-effective option compared to getting it done at a professional studio. It can also be a convenient option as you can take your photo at any time and edit it online without having to schedule an appointment. 

Follow these simple steps:


  • Select the location for your picture.
  • Smile softly and take a photo without putting on caps or wearing sunglasses.
  • Use a blank background.
  • Avoid using mirrors or windows for pictures.
  • Use natural lighting.
  • Use a tripod to take the photo. You can use an iPhone or Android Phone to take passport photos.

Find a Suitable Location 

Choose a location with a plain white or off-white background. You can use a white wall or a large sheet of white paper or poster board to create the background. Check that no shadows exist in the photo.

Set Up The Camera 

You can make use of a digital camera or mobile phone with a good camera. Set the camera to portrait mode and use a tripod or a stable surface to keep the camera steady.


Position yourself 

Position yourself in front of a plain white background and look directly at the camera. Also confirm that your face is bright and there are no shadows.


Take the photo 

Ask your colleague or family member to take your photograph. Ensure that your face is centered in the frame and your head and shoulders are visible. Do not tilt your head or smile in the photo.


Going to a studio or getting help from a professional photographer for your Passport photo is tedious and costly. Instead you can create passport photos at home by following the above steps and use a professional photo editor online for this task. PhotoForID AI passport photo tool can help you save some money and have a compliance-ready passport photo with a Human check feature for guaranteed approval.