We will guide you on how to download all photos from Google Photos.

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Google Photos is a popular cloud-based platform through which you can save, organize, and share images and videos. Although it is an ideal backup solution, users sometimes want to download their collections for different reasons. 

Whether you are making a local backup, switching to a new platform, or simply want to store all your memories, we will guide you on how to download all photos from Google Photos.


How Do I Download All Photos From Google Photos Through Takeout


1. Visit Google Takeout from the settings.

2. Log in with your computer.

3. Deselect all Google services by clicking on "Deselect all.”

4. Scroll down and pick Google Photos.

5. The "Multiple formats" button will show you details about what will be downloaded. 

6. View your list of albums by clicking on "All photo albums included.” By default, all albums will be chosen. (If you don’t immediately see that text, wait for a few minutes).

7. If you want to pick specific albums, tap on "Deselect all" and choose the albums you want to download. Both your own albums and year albums will be present. Downloading them will result in duplicates.

8. To search for albums in the list, employ the Find function of the browser (Ctrl+F).

9. Confirm "OK" to continue. This will redirect you back to Takeout. 

10. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on "Next step".

11. Decide how you want to gain the data (Customize format).

  • Pick the "Delivery method" which includes Box, email, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, and more. Choose an option to have more information. Keep in mind that this will make a ZIP file. However, not all services can UNZIP. 
  • "Export type" (Once or scheduled every 2 months).
  • Select the ZIP format. "File type.”
  • "Archive size.”


12. Tap on "Link account and create archive" or "Create archive.” This is based on the delivery format you picked.

13. After some time, you will get an email that states: "Your Google data archive is ready."

  • For instance, your ZIP file is ready to be downloaded. Download and unzip the file in a drive with sufficient storage space. The file size could be big based on the number of images in your album.
  • Or its storage location. For instance, "View in OneDrive". There, you will see a ZIP file with the images/videos.


Things to Remember


- Google Takeout will show the albums made by you as well as year albums. Images that are in your created albums are also present in the year albums. Therefore, when you download everything with Takeout, there might be duplicates. 

- Images added by others into a collaborative album won’t be added to the downloaded album, even if they are included in your account, unless they are replaced by your copies. However, they will be present in the year albums.

- When an image is edited in Google Photos, the ZIP folder adds both the edited and original images.

- The ZIP folder also includes .json files with data such as locations and descriptions. Users are not given any tools to include them in images by Google.