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Has your passport picture gotten rejected many times, and you have no clue why? When your passport photo is not approved, the state passport officials mention the criteria it did not fulfill. While you can always fix the mentioned issues, it is still better to get ahead of the situation. 

Know all the reasons why a passport picture might get rejected beforehand. When it comes to sizing, applicants usually make the following mistakes that prevent them from having an HD size passport photo which can be officially accepted.

Sizing Requirements of American Passport Pictures

Every country has set its own passport photo guidelines. It is important knowing these guidelines to ensure that your passport image meets that sizing criteria. For instance, the USA has established the below sizing demands:


  • Make sure that there is space between the top of the image, the sides, and your head.
  • The image dimensions should be 2 inches by 2 inches. No other dimensions will be accepted.
  • Your head should measure between 25 mm to 35 mm between the tip of your chin and the top of the head. Moreover, make sure that your head is in the middle of the image.
  • Speaking of your head, make sure that it is not too tiny or consuming too much space in the image. 

It is difficult keeping all this in mind, which is why one should also know how to avoid these errors in the first place. A helpful method is to measure the image and your head in advance.

If these official document requirements are too confusing for you, worry not. The super efficient and reliable passport photo tool known by the name of Photoforid is here to your rescue! This is an AI web service that presents HD size passport photos which can be officially accepted. And it does exactly that in simple steps online!