We all know how hard it is to get bureaucratic appointments in Germany and we don’t want to waste our appointment due to inadequate photos after all.

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When you apply for a German ID (Personalausweis), you are required to submit a recent passport sized photograph as well. If your submitted photos fail to meet all the specifications, there is a chance that your application could be turned over. We all know how hard it is to get bureaucratic appointments in Germany and we don’t want to waste our appointment due to inadequate photos after all. Hence, before you submit your application, make sure that the following requirements are met:


German ID Photo Requirements


Photo Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm


Face Length: Optimally 32mm - 36mm 


Face Position: Must be centred in the photograph and all features for example eyes should be clearly visible


Expressions: Neutral expressions must be maintained and mouth should be shut


Lighting: Photos should be well-light but there should be no red-eyes, shadows, or reflections on the face


Background: Light-colored background with no pattern. Ideally of a light grey colour


Print Quality: At least 600 DPI. There should be no lines or creases on the printed photos


Eye & and eye glasses: Glasses can be worn as far as there is no reflection. The subject should always have their eyes open and should look straight into the camera


Headgear: Not permitted unless worn for religious reasons. Even in this case, the face should be clearly visible from the chin to the top of the hairline. There must be no shadows on the face.


Recency: Not older than 6 months


You can see more samples of acceptable photographs here.


AI App for ID Photos (Digital + Print)


Over the recent years, many AI-powered tools have been developed. Computer vision principles have enabled developers to come up with applications that can be used to automatically generate ID photos. PhotoForID is one such exemplary application. Thanks to this tool, users can stop worrying about driving to a photo studio and waiting for the photos while they’re processed and printed. 



To generate an ID photo using PhotoForID, all you have to do is upload your picture online and select your application country and type. After this, you will have your impressive results within a matter of seconds.


Automatic Quality Checks: As soon as your picture is uploaded, PhotoForID runs some automatic quality checks to ensure that all characteristics such as the face angles, distances, and colour scales are suitable for further processing.


AI-Based Editing: All the cropping and resizing is automatically taken care of. Not just that, but the tool can also automatically detect the existing background, remove it, and replace it with the required colored background that is required. 


Downloads: Once your ID photo is ready, you can download it either as an image or as a PDF. The downloaded image version should be sufficient for online applications. Alternatively, if you want to print photos, you can use the PDF version.


Now that you have learnt about a quick way to generate ID photos online, aren’t you eager to give it a shot?