Extreme Picture Finder (EPF) is a batch image downloader software for Windows. The primary purpose of this software is to automate the task of downloading a large set of images from different websites and web servers.

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Extreme Picture Finder (EPF) is a batch image downloader software for Windows. The primary purpose of this software is to automate the task of downloading a large set of images from different websites and web servers. It saves you from the hassle of manually locating and downloading each image yourself.


Here are its distinct features:


Simultaneous Downloads

EPF supports up to 30 similar downloads at a time.


Download Options

You may specify whether you want to download full-sized images or only image thumbnails based on your needs.


Create Starting URL Templates

You may use a variety of regular expressions to specify starting URL templates that will be used for downloading images automatically. There is no need to provide an exact domain address.


Project Database

Don’t know any good sites to download pictures? No issue. Extreme Picture Finder has a massive database of hundreds of websites to download images. Select your preferred website(s), and start downloading the pictures!


Download from Password-protected Sites

Apart from the sites accessible to all, you may also download images from password-protected websites. You may enter and save the login credentials of such websites to download your favorite content.


Supports Forums & Social Media Sites

Not just websites, you can download photos in batches from various Internet forums and social networking sites.


Preview & Slideshow Viewer

EPF contains an in-house image previewer. While downloading your images, you may use the previewing functionality. You may also run a slideshow of the downloaded images.


Keyword Search

You may also perform a Google search query to automate the task of finding and downloading all matching images. It’s fast and easy. Besides, you’ll be able to set different parameters, such as files matching specified sizes, types, dimensions, and more. EPF supports many popular search engines.


Project Location

By default, EPF downloads your pictures into a subfolder “Extreme Picture Finder” under the Downloads folder. But you may change it if you want and set a different directory depending on your needs.



Don’t want to download images from some pages, folders, or sub-domains of your website? You may add them all to a separate list to skip.



The free trial supports downloading only 20,000 images. To download more, you need to purchase the software. The standard license costs $29.95.


How to Find Duplicate Photos Downloaded by EPF?

While EPF can be very beneficial, it can also result in unintended duplications. For example, sometimes, you may download photos from the same website(s) over again. Or some websites may contain duplicate pictures, and you may end up downloading all of them. It results in massive duplication. Over time, you may run into low-storage issues and have to delete your files. Sadly, there is no feature in EPF to identify and prevent downloading the same photos. Therein comes PictureEcho.


What’s PictureEcho?

PictureEcho is a lightweight duplicate photo finder for Windows. It can scan two types of duplicates: exact matching images and visually similar images. While the former are 100% similar versions of your photos, the latter are nearly-identical duplicates.


To find duplicate photos downloaded by EPF, scan the directory: C:\Users\<Username>\Downloads\Extreme Picture Finder.



  • PictureEcho lets you select a similarity threshold of your choice to identify visually-similar photos
  • Large file thumbnail previews make file previewing easier and quicker
  • Automated file selection options (for example, Retain newest/ oldest photos in each group, Retain high/ low resolution photos in each group, Retain larger/ smaller photos in each group, etc.)
  • Automatically organize photos in a unique folder structure based on date taken. It also supports multiple date formats.