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Denmark is known to be one of the happiest countries in the world. According to UN EGDI 2020, Denmark is a world champion when it comes to public digitization. The Danish are not just punctual but also quite efficient when it comes to official documentation and paperwork. If you are applying for a Danish passport and want to save yourself unnecessary trouble, make sure you submit photos that meet the specified requirements.


Denmark Passport Photo Requirements

Denmark's passport photo requirements are the same as most other standard EU countries’ photo requirements. The highlights are the following:

  • The photo must be well-light and in color
  • Dimensions should be 45mm x 35 mm
  • The background color should be light, preferably white
  • The applicant’s face should cover 30 - 36 mm of the photo
  • The applicant’s face should be positioned in the center such that all facial features are clearly visible
  • No headgear must be worn except for religious obligations
  • The photo must not contain any red eyes, reflections, or shadows

As far as your submitted photographs meet the above-mentioned requirements, you’re good to go!


PhotoforID: AI Passport Photo App

Having to look up photo specifications every time you want to file an official application can be a bit annoying, especially when there is so much varying information across different websites. Well, thanks to AI tools like PhotoforID, you no longer have to waste your time worrying about accuracy anymore. Why worry when an AI tool can automatically find all the country-specific requirements and adjust your photo accordingly?

Using PhotoforID is pretty simple. Once you open their website, you will see an option to upload a picture and select the country along with the photo type you are targeting. That’s the only thing you need to do on your part. The rest will be taken care of automatically! Once you submit your photo, the tool will automatically edit it to ensure that it matches the country-specific requirements.


Quality Assurance

As a first step, PhotoforID runs some automatic checks on the uploaded photo. These quality assurance checks analyze photo features such as resolution, colors, dimensions, angles etc. If a photo is deemed suitable, it is edited further as per the requirements.


Editing Phase

Depending on the photo, the tool might perform some necessary editing. This phase could include adjusting the face-to-frame ratio, cropping, resizing, or removing the background.



Once the editing has been completed and your photo is ready, you can download a high-quality image that can be used for all digital applications. Additionally, you can also download a high-resolution PDF version for printing purposes. It is advised that you print it on matte photographic paper only. For an additional small fee, you can also order a printout that can be mailed to your home address.

All in all, this tool is definitely a cheaper (and quicker) alternative to visiting a photo studio in person. Once you try it yourself, you’ll become a fan in no time!