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Official passport photos always require plain backgrounds. Different countries or organizations often have different requirements for the background color as well. For example, schools often require students to submit photos with blue backgrounds while light-colored, preferably grey background photos are required for EU visa applications.

In today’s digital era, you don’t need to head to a photo studio every time you need new photographs. Instead, you can take pictures at home, change their background, and edit them so they match the requirements.


Tools to Cut Background

There are several photo editing tools that you can use to remove existing backgrounds and replace them with plain ones. A few of them are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Retoucher
  • Adobe Express

As an example, let’s take a look at how Photoshop can be used to remove photo backgrounds.

  • Open up your photo in the Layers panel of Adobe Photoshop and unlock the layer.
  • Head to the Properties panel and look for Remove Background under Quick Actions.
  • If the automatic background removal is not a hundred percent perfect, you can use the Brush tool to refine edges and remove any remaining bits of the background.
  • To add a new background (for example a plain one), drag and drop an image onto the canvas and hit Enter.
  • Now drag the new image under the original one in the Layers panel.


Automatically Cut Background & Make Passport Compliant Photo

Although there are several tools that allow you to remove existing backgrounds, there is always a lot of manual effort involved. If you are looking to remove backgrounds and prepare a passport-compliant photo, you should consider using PhotoforID. Not only can this tool automatically remove background but it can also edit your photo such that it is passport compliant for any selected country.

Using PhotoforID is an easy breezy 4-step process:


1. Upload Your Photo

To begin with, open PhotoforID’s official website and upload your picture. Then, select your targeted country/photo type. In this case, the desired photo type would be Passport.


2. AI-Powered Instant Editing

Once your photo is uploaded, PhotoforID will run automatic quality checks based on different features such as contrast, angles, distances, face proportions etc. Your photo will be edited such that it meets all passport photo requirements of your selected country. Be it the background color or the photo dimensions, this tool will automatically take care of them all.

The editing phase may include multiple steps for instance background removal, red-eye fixing, resizing, and cropping.


3. Photo Expert Verification

PhotoforID’s team consists of professional photo editing experts. Aside from the automatic editing, an editing expert also takes a manual look at the results to further ensure accuracy.


4. Digital + Print Photos

PhotoforID allows users to download a high-quality image as well as a printable PDF file. You can also order a print photo (hard copy), which will be mailed to you for a small extra fee.


To sum it up, it can safely be said that PhotoforID is an efficient way to save time and money both when it comes to generating passport-compliant photos online. After all, why head outside when you can achieve better results from the comfort of your home?