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Your identity card is among the most important documents you carry all day. Every ID card comes with an expiry date and sooner or later, you will find yourself updating it. Plus, it might also be your first time getting one made if you have reached the necessary age. Usually, you would visit a professional photographer to have your ID photo snapped but we have something better to offer. Let’s discuss.

Can a Professional Photographer Help Convert Photo to ID Size?

If you have a digital file of your photo, you can share it with your professional photographer and have your photo converted into ID size. However, it is going to cost you. You will also have to keep in mind that not every photo is going to be worth converting to ID size.

We say this because every country has rules & regulations regarding ID cards and then there are international standards. For instance, you cannot have expressions or anything as your background. You cannot wear excessive clothes either.

If you do not have a photo that complies with the rules, you will need to get one snapped. You can do it on your own or have someone help you with it.

Can I Convert a Photo to ID Size Myself?

As mentioned in the beginning, we have something to share that will help get you your ID-size photo within seconds. This means you won’t need to visit a professional photographer either. We’re talking about an online tool called PhotoforID.

It has been specially developed for those who do not have the time or a handsome budget for important document photos. Since ID photo is one of them, PhotoforID will convert it for you courtesy it’s smart algorithms that do the job in the minimum possible time.

The best part about using this tool is that it is powered by Artificial intelligence and will make adjustments automatically. You do not have to put in any effort in making the edits. Your photo should follow the requirements i.e. the rules & regulations.

Although PhotoforID will resize, crop, and adjust the colors but can reject the photo as well if it finds that the photo is not regulation compliant.

So all you need to do is visit the site and click Browse to upload the photo. Then select the country and choose the ID card option, as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Submit Photo button and PhotoforID will begin processing and be done with the conversion in less than a minute.