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You can easily convert a JPEG photo to a passport-size photo with PhotoForID. The tool provides fast and effortless conversion. You have to upload your photo and wait for the editor to convert the JPEG to passport size within a minimum time.

PhotoForID's Four Steps To Get The Best Passport Photo Ready For You

Compliance Check: The PhotoForID system uses advanced technology. If the photo passes the initial screening, the online service will process and convert it for your ID documents.

Picture Crop Feature: Not all photos fulfill ID requirements. Picture cropping, facial appearance, and other requirements should be met. PhotoForID simplifies and lowers the cost of acquiring compliance-ready photos.

Background Removing: The PhotoForID algorithm will detect backdrop issues in your shot. It automatically sets the backdrop for every country.

Resize Feature For Perfect Photo: Face matters more in official documents. The tool knows the appropriate face size for passport documents.

Convert JPEGs to Passport Photos Online

PhotoForID automates the entire process, so you don't need to have photo editing skills.

Upload the JPEG photo to the online conversion tool.

PhotoForID will automatically modify and process the uploaded photo to make it compliance-ready for official documents once the first review is completed.

After some seconds, your passport photo is ready to be printed or downloaded.

Checking Passport Photos Manually

PhotoForID’s advanced technology allows you to create a passport photo that is compliance-based. You don't have to manually crop, resize or change the colors of the photo. You can also ask the PhotoForID experts to check the image manually for standards after it has been prepared for download. The manual check will provide you professional assistance and guarantee approval.

How To Capture Passport Photos From Home

Face the camera with a neutral expression.

Wear a business shirt or collar shirt instead of glasses, hats or scarves.

Also, look out for lighting in your surroundings.

For ideal natural light, shoot photos near windows. Keep the room well-lit and prevent flash while taking photos indoors.

Make sure the background is clean, such as white or off-white.

Print Ready Passport Photos Within 3 Seconds

PhotoForID allows you to save time by providing professional photo services online without going to any studio. You can instead use an automatic passport conversion tool, which is cost-effective and reliable and allows you to download and print your photo with a money-back guarantee.