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One thing that hasn’t changed all these years when it comes to renewing passports and visas is the photo. The interesting point here is that the photo is the fundamental part of the document. Without it, you can never have a passport or a visa.

Walgreens offers its customers the facility to print their passport and visa photos at a cost of course. But today we’ve come up with something even better, an online photo tool that can turn your ordinary photos into official ones. Let’s discuss this.

How to Get a Walgreen Citizenship Photo?

You can easily get your passport, visa, and citizenship photos printed from any Walgreens store in the world. The neat point over here is you do not need any appointments. You simply walk into the store and request to have your photo taken and printed.

At most, you will need to wait an hour to get your hands on the photos. However, if it’s a busy day, you can expect a few hours. The biggest advantage here is that you do not need to visit a professional photographer for expensive photos.

What Should I Know Before Taking a Passport Photo?

Although getting your photo snapped and printed is as easy and simple as walking into any Walgreens store, there are certain rules & regulations you have to follow. Even though countries have more or less the same requirements, your country might just have different requirements when it comes to citizenship documents.

Typically, people are not allowed to have any facial expressions, and cannot wear unnecessary fashionable items or jewelry that could make it difficult for the authorities to identify. If there is something you have to follow based on your religion, you can do that.

In addition to that, you cannot use any filters or have anything in the background that distracts the authorities. And the same goes for infants and kids as well.

Is There Another Way of Getting a Citizenship Photo?

As mentioned in the beginning, you have a great alternative for your citizenship photos, if you do not have Walgreens in your region or country. PhotoforID has been around for a while and its users are impressed with its power-packed features that help convert ordinary images into passport, visa, and citizenship application photos within a few seconds.

The best part of using PhotoforID is that it comes with all the features you would want to have for official documents at just a single click. It is powered by artificial intelligence, which means that it will automatically make the required edits and remove background items, resize and crop your photo without you having to put in any effort or time.

All you need to do is locate the photo and upload it, select the country of citizenship and click the Submit button. Within seconds, you will have your photo available for download. If you want the photos posted to you, that can also be done at a nominal cost.