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If you plan to travel to Belgium, you need a passport photo to process your passport application. The easiest way to obtain a passport photo that complies with your Belgium passport requirements is through PhotoforID. We've assisted thousands of Belgian citizens in finding accurately sized passport photos. All you have to do is to visit and download the PhotoforID AI app. Upload the photo and wait for a few seconds so that PhotoforID AI will process your passport photo according to the specific country's requirements.

Belgium passport photo has specific requirements to follow before submitting a passport application. PhotoforID extracts all the core Belgium passport photo requirements for a successful passport application. Have a look.


Belgium Passport Photo Requirements

Suppose you're going to apply for a Belgian passport. In that case, you must know the official requirements for a Belgian passport photo.

  • The photo dimensions of a Belgian passport photo must be 35mm x 45 mm. Suppose you use PhotoforID using the "web or an AI passport app." In that case, your photo will be automatically cropped to meet the required dimensions.
  • For the best processing of your photos, avoid black-and-white photos. Use colored photos instead.
  • Avoid filters, and keep your photo simple and natural.
  • While shooting a photo, ensure the background color is white/grey and that nothing else is visible.
  • To shoot a perfect passport photo, choose a place where you face a lighting source, e.g., a window, a light stand, or a lamp. And last, avoid shadows.
  • The photo should be clear, with a complete focus on your face.
  • While taking a photo, keep your facial expression neutral, mouth closed, and eyes open.
  • Keep your head straight and your eyes facing the camera.
  • Wear glasses with your eyes visible so that no part of the frame obscures the eyes.
  • The photograph should be recent, e.g., less than six months old. This is because a person's facial features change with time.
  • Headgear or a scarf is allowed only for religious reasons, but your face should be visible.
  • Keep the toys aside for children and infants and ensure nothing else is visible in the background.


Biometric Belgium Passport Photos

Generate biometric photos from the comfort of your home with PhotoforID. You can visit or download our AI passport app to generate passport photos effortlessly while sitting at home. Sounds interesting! But why not visit a passport photo booth? Using PhotoforID from the comfort of your home, you have complete control over how you look in your passport photo. Because in passport photo booths, you got only one lucky shot – and it's over. Whether you're satisfied with your passport photo or not, you've got to spend the next years with that awkward photo even after spending your hard-earned 20 bucks!

You can shoot a perfect photo at home and upload it to PhotoforID. PhotoforID will process your photo, and you can download it once it passes the initial tests. Do you know what the best part is? While traditional photo booths charge you no less than 10 to 20 bucks for Belgium passport photos, PhotoforID will only charge $4 with free home delivery.


Generate a Belgium passport photo using PhotoforID

PhotoforID AI-generated passport photos will always satisfy your application for a Belgium passport photo. PhotoforID will deliver your shots on time. Follow these simple steps to obtain an AI-generated Belgium passport photo.

  1. First, download PhotoforID from the Google Play Store. You can also visit using your web browser.
  2. Click browse to upload your photo.
  3. Next, select Belgium country from the list of available countries.
  4. Then, choose Passport photo in the photo type. And last, Click submit.


PhotoforID AI will test your photo to meet the standard photo requirements. Once the photo passes the initial test, you can download or get your passport photo delivered to your home. You only need to pay $4; the payment method is entirely secured by FASTSPRING (Norton Secured), fast and secured!