There was a time when photo editing could only be done by a professional at a studio. However, things have completely changed today.

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Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world and developers are competing to introduce newer technology and features. There was a time when photo editing could only be done by a professional at a studio. However, things have completely changed today.


Now you can edit your photos online using editors that feature Artificial Intelligence and that too for free. Let’s take a look into some of the top online artificial intelligence photo editors online that will help you edit photos with little to no effort.



The first editor to make it on the list is PhotoforID. It is an extremely powerful tool, specifically designed for online users to edit their passport photos within seconds. The best feature of this tool is that you do not have to pay or visit an editing studio for important photos such as passports and visas.

You can come up with multiple photos at the same time with just a few single clicks. PhotoforID is loaded with features like automatic image cropping, face picture quality check and background removal etc to ensure that your photos are upto the standard.

Its user-friendly online interface takes no time for users to get familiar and can successfully produce images according to your preferences within seconds.


Autoenhance. Ai

Another impressive option on the list is Autoenhance. Ai, which offers three key features i.e. image relighting, sky replacement and perspective correction. This makes the tool stand out from the rest as the majority of its competitors do not offer the same features.

Furthermore, the tool also comes with an API that you can integrate with your apps and guess what, it is totally free to use but only for upto 15 images. If you wish to continue, you will have to pay or you can choose from different bundles.


Hotpot Tools

Hotpot tools are loaded with artificial intelligence features that are hard to find anywhere else. To begin with, it comes with AI background removal, AI picture restorer, AI object remover, AI art personalizer etc. Plus, using the Hot API, you can integrate the Hotpot into your website and simply choose different tools, mentioned previously.

There is no doubt that this tool is one of the best options for converting your images into an art. Using the free tool, you can use the basic functions like removing objects and restoring images, even though it offers a bunch of other options as well.



Pixlr is all that you would expect from a high-end AI online photo editor. It offers all the basic features such as effects, animations, background removal and making picture collages. If you want basic editing, you can use the free online tool.

However, if you wish to go further, you will need to pay for advanced features like stickers, tutorials and other exclusive editing tools. On top of that, you can also upload images directly from cloud storage services like Dropbox, which is an ideal choice for professionals.



Fotor is an excellent AI online photo editing tool that allows users to make different types of edits. It also comes with a paid version that unlocks a bunch of additional features for the users to turn their photos into something even more interesting and unique. You can use your Google ID to sign-in and use noteworthy features like wrinkle remover, AI photo enhancer, background remover etc.

Moreover, it is also available on smartphones and works best on both Android and iOS. This tool is something you can never go wrong with. And even if you do, the tutorials will get you on board in no time.


iPiccy is an impressive AI photo editing tool that is not only available online but also on smartphones. This means users can edit their photos on the go. It comes with 100+ effects, a collage maker along with basic features and functions for graphic design.

In addition to that, you can also create your account and save your photos on the cloud. From fixing the exposure to changing the backgrounds, this tool is a must-have option to consider.


Final Word

Previously, users had to manually tweak photos to make them look perfect. However, with AI free online photo editors, users now simply have to upload their images and let the tools do the rest. This is a great option for those who want things done on an immediate basis. So give the above-mentioned tools a try and see what works out for you.