Instead of tracking down professional photo studios or photo booths for renewing your Swiss passport or applying for a visa, you can bring your digital photo to the passport office.

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Instead of tracking down professional photo studios or photo booths for renewing your Swiss passport or applying for a visa, you can bring your digital photo to the passport office. You need to meet specific requirements here. PhotoforID is experienced with those requirements and will ensure that your application is not subject to undue delay.

Visit for fast visa or passport photo assistance. It can process your application online. And it’s both quick and affordable.


Swiss - Passport Photo Requirements

  • The photo size should be 45mm x 35mm.
  • A solid white or off-white background; with no patterns.
  • There should be consistent lighting, with no peculiar highlights.
  • Your photo must have clicked within the last six months.
  • Avoid laughing or smiling; use neutral expressions only.
  • Your head size and position should be straight and centered up to 29 to 35 mm from the tip of your head down to the end of your chin.
  • Eyes facing the camera, fully visible.
  • Wear glasses only if your eyes are visible to the camera; otherwise, remove them to guarantee your photographs' passing.
  • No uniform or white-colored attire is allowed.
  • Beard is optional.


AI-generated Swiss Passport Photo

PhotoforID ensures your application for a passport may not face any undue delay. Our AI-generated passport photo meets the requirements of Switzerland's authority. You must have a digital photo to process online here at PhotoforID. You can shoot a winning passport photo at home if you don't have one.

Generate AI passport photos by sitting in your home. PhotoforID will deliver your photos to your address. All you have to do is to visit PhotoforID and follow these simple steps. It's fast and stress-free too.

  1. Visit the PhotoforID website.
  2. Click Browse (or drag and drop your photo).


  1. Next, select the country you want your passport photo from (for example, Switzerland).


  1. Select the photo type, e.g., Swiss Passport or Swiss Visa. In this case, we're choosing the Swiss Passport Photo option.

  1. After carefully selecting every option, click the Submit Photo button.


PhotoforID will start processing your passport photo. It will also set the right background color per Swiss Passport Photo Background Requirements.

Most countries use a white background for passport-sized photos as the official background color for passport photos. While in Europe, you can go for a light gray or white background color for passport-sized photos.

PhotoforID can determine the actual size and background color of your passport photos for any country, all within a few clicks!


Suppose you want to receive your passport photo at your doorstep. In that case, you can click the checkbox Please send two paper photos to my address +$4.00 (Free Delivery) and the Download Photo button to open a dialogue box where you enter your email and proceed to the private dashboard. Else, you can move on by clicking the download button. Our experts will manually check and make your photo compliance-ready if your photo passes the initial test. It usually takes less than 12 hours.



It will take you to the dashboard, where you can see the status of your photo.



You can directly purchase the photo by clicking the button below. It will open up a checkout dialogue box. Don't worry; the payment method is secured by FASTSPRING (Norton Secured). PhotoforID will deliver your photos to your address within two working days