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Driving to a traditional photo studio and waiting in line to get your passport photos captured and printed seems like a thing of the past. It’s 2022, a digital era when Artificial Intelligence has made lives a lot easier. With AI-Powered tools such as PhotoforID, you no longer have to worry about anything related to passport photos.


What are 2x2 Photos?

2x2 photos have a size of 2x2 inches or in other words, 51x51 mm. While it is a more popular photo type in the USA, it is also commonly used in other countries such as Costa Rica, Nepal, and Israel. From green card lotteries to driver’s license applications, 2x2 photos have many uses.


Generate 2x2 Passport Photos Online

PhotoforID can save you from the hassle of looking up photo specifications on Google each time. This intelligent tool is already familiar with all country-specific requirements. All you have to do is upload your photo and take a back seat!


Let’s take a look at how the tool works.


Phase # 1: Upload Photo

To begin with, open up the PhotoforID website and upload an existing picture from your computer. You can take a picture with your phone beforehand. Avoid uploading selfies. Instead, you can ask someone else to take your photo.


Phase # 2: Automatic Editing

After uploading, you can relax because we assure you, you are in safe hands now! The AI-powered tool now runs some automated quality checks for various factors such as face proportions, photo dimensions, red eyes, distances, face angles etc. Then the tool performs automatic editing. The editing may include multiple steps for example background removal, plain background placement, cropping or resizing.


Phase # 3: Downloads

Once the editing has been completed, you can instantly download your edited passport-compliant 2x2 photos. The tool offers two high-quality formats for downloading: image and printable PDF. The image version can be used in any online application while the PDF can be printed if required.


Phase # 4 (optional): Printing

The final photos provided by PhotoforID meet the 600 DPI requirement for 2x2 passport photos. This means that they can be easily printed without any quality being lost. If you need hard copies of your photos, you can save the printable PDF into a USB and print it from various locations for example:

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Photo studios
  • Home (if you have a decent printer)

Please note that you should only use matte, photographic paper for printing your photos.

And just like that, you will have your 2x2 passport photos ready in no time! If you want to save your time and energy, PhotoforID should be your go-to tool from now onwards!